There are several factors one look at before deciding to buy a new camera,
and the price tag almost always tops the list. If you really want to get the Canon 80D but and can’t afford to buy new, the Canon 80D refurbished is a great option.

Canon 80D Refurbished Deals

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Canon 80D Refurbished Guide

Canon 80D Refurbished

A refurbished camera basically means that it might have been damaged
during transit, when used by a client, as it was being delivered to the store, a buyer on realizing this returns it to the store, it is then inspected and repaired where necessary. When it is then returned to the store it becomes a refurbished item and in most case, they always appear new.

Why buy a refurbished Canon 80D as opposed to just buying a used one?

Well, a refurbished Canon 80D can be a new camera that was damaged slightly before the problem was fixed. And you can get it for a reduced price. That definitely beats camera that has been used.

Advantage and Disadvantage Refurbished

As mentioned earlier the refurbished item is discounted from the MSRP. You can get discounts ranging from 10% to 30% discount on the item that is basically new. This encourages you to save, while at the same time you have the original camera, free from wear.

Popular and newer products have newer discounts than older items. The downside of the refurbished item is you would want to know why it was refurbished. It could be a flaw that may manifest itself as you use it, or it may be nothing. Again, some items may not be included in the package, despite being in the listed description.

How to deal with problems that may manifest when buying refurbished

To mitigate chances that the Canon EOS 80D refurbished you bought is faulty, you should read the description listed to verify the accessories that accompany the item. Find out that all the items are there.

You should also consider buying from authorized dealers. It is unwise to have unauthorized sellers sell you the camera. You don’t have an idea where the repairs were made or who did the repairs. With authorized dealers, you are certain that the repairs were made by the manufacturer. In fact, you get a 30-60 days warranty period. The authorized sellers for Canon cameras are listed on their product page.


To bring this to an end, it is now very clear that refurbished camera may be new
cameras that are sold at discounted prices because they had to be repaired
slightly. However, to avoid rip offs, it is prudent that you buy your Canon 80D
camera from authorized dealers.