Canon EOS 80D Release Date

Canon EOS 80D Release Date

The Canon 80D was released on February 17th, 2016. Since then, the 80D has become a popular DSLR among professional and amateur alike. It is an upgrade from the Canon EOS 70D which had been launched more than two years before the Canon EOS 80D. The Canon 80D comes with additional features compared to the 70D and brings it up-to-date.

The picture below shows trends data (from Google Trends) for the Canon 80D vs 70D during the last 5 years. From there you can that the Canon 80D release date corresponds to a slight drop in popularity of the 70D, but not completely.

Canon 80D release date


Canon 80D Prices

The Canon 80D body-only MRSP was $1,199 USD at launch. Its lens varies, with the 18-55mm IS STM being sold at US$ 1,349, 18-135mm IS USM, and the EF-S 18-200mm IS at US$1,899.

In 2017, you can purchase the Canon 80D in different packages:

Canon 80D Specs

Canon EOS 80D Picture

Some features of the Canon 80D are similar to those of the Canon 70D. Others have been upgraded. They include;

Features and design

The viewfinder has undergone some changes with an increase of 100% scene coverage. A headphone jack and an NFC for WI-FI connections have been added too. There are new software features such as in-camera HDR and time-lapse movies. The body has minor design changes to some of the buttons and addition of another custom-setting slot on the mode dial. The LCD is an updated model with better visibility in the sun, and the camera can record 1080/60p video.

Metering system

Canon has updated the metering system; the 80D has a more current RGB+IR sensor. In DSLRs, the new RGB metering sensors provide supplemental data to the autofocus system. It contains information on color tracking, in continuous autofocus mode to increase accuracy and speed when the scene is of little contrast.

Shutter mechanism

The Canon 80D has a new mechanism that controls vibration in a much better way than that of the canon70D. This helps to reduce camera shake.

Autofocus and sensor

With the Canon 80D, there is an increase in sensor resolution that comes with an automatic increase in autofocus points. This is because Canon Dual-Pixel CMOS contains pixels with both phase-detection and photo sites. This camera has an image-processing version update, Digic 6. It delivers better data transfer when it is continuously shooting. This, in turn, increases the number of shots you can get before the camera starts slowing down or stops.

In conclusion

The canon 80D can pretty much be used by anyone whether taking pictures for fun or on a professional level. It has remarkable features such as the 45-point all cross-type AF system that ensure you get great photos in nearly any kind of light. With a viewfinder of 100% coverage that gives you visible images, there is no way you are going to miss your shot.

The 80D has Full HD 60p movies that you can save and share easily with friends and family and advanced operations with built-in wireless connectivity. The prices of the Canon 80D are also very friendly as they are tailored to suit people in various walks of life.

For first-timers and those who want to upgrade their cameras, the Canon 80D is the way to go.

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