Canon 80D Accessories

Canon 80D Accessories

The Canon 80D is a great camera and will help you produce excellent images in its stock form. But as you spend more time with it and get better at your craft, you’ll see the need for additional accessories. This is simply because your camera’s stock feature set won’t be able to do justice in every situation.

The right Canon 80D accessories will unlock your DSLR’s complete potential enabling you to increase the quality of your work. Eventually, accessories will turn you into a better photographer who can mint money with his art. We’ve compiled an in-depth list that has something for every Canon user.

Top 10 must-have Canon 80D accessories

1. Disc Light Reflectors

best canon 80d accessories - disc light reflectors

After a brief initial usage, photographers usually start experimenting with light. Unlike other intricate complex modes, light is something that can easily be fiddled around with. Disc light reflectors allow you to customize light for each occasion. Whether you’re shooting portraits indoors or capturing nature outdoors, this simple add-on can make your photos look twice as good. Most disc reflectors have around 5 different collapsible colors. Best of all, they’re very cheap.

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2. Tripods

tripods - accessories for canon 80D

A tripod will help you be more flexible and shoot photos in pretty much all circumstances. A good tripod will cost you around $60, but since the 80D is a bulky camera, you should look for a tripod that is sturdy enough to support it. Tripods are only about 20 inches tall and 2 lbs heavy – so it becomes really easy for anyone to carry it around as well. Regardless of the kind of photos you take, a tripod qualifies as an essential accessory for everyone.

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3. Remote Control Shutter

remote control shutter release for canon 80D

What’s that one thing that bugs you when you’re out late night trying to grab some shots? Shutter speed! Having to hold down that shutter button for extended periods will not only make you uncomfortable but will also test your patience. A remote control shutter is a simple fix to this issue. It lets you operate your camera hands-free and also features additional timing functions such as delay shooting for group photos.

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4. Extra Batteries

canon 80d battery pack

Sometimes when you’re out traveling and clicking photos, you’ll need extra batteries. If you’re looking to record videos, then your battery will drain faster than usual. So an extra battery is a must when you’re venturing out with the specific intent of doing a lengthy photo session. Look for Canon batteries as third party products can end up damaging your camera. They allow you to take around 960 shots per charge and are tailor made for your 80D.

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5. Battery Grip

battery grip for Canon 80D

A battery grip will allow you to house these batteries safely and provide you with some much-needed grip at the same time. There’s also an additional shutter button for vertical images. Canon produces its own line of battery grips that are very popular these days. The best part about these grips? They’re a perfect fit for multiple Canon DSLR cameras and not just one particular model.

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6. High-Speed Memory Cards

flash memory card for Canon 80D

If you’re not able to take shots quickly, your memory card might be slow at writing data. Slower memory cards don’t facilitate burst mode shooting and are often the cause for long intervals between every shot. What you need is a high-speed memory card that writes data at around 90 megabytes per second. This way you’ll be able to click photos faster and never miss a great moment. Moreover, full HD recordings become much easier for your DSLR to process. So no more lags or jitters!

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7. Speedlite Flash

canon speedlite for canon 80d

A Speedlite flash allows you greater control over flash lighting. You don’t need any skills to use one and they’re generally economical. Speedlites are a godsend to photographers at important events. Everything could possibly go wrong when you can’t position yourself in time. But when you have the freedom to rotate the direction and angle of the flash, none of your photos will be a victim to bad lighting. Shop for a Speedlite that features a bounce card and a diffuser. They are essential features.

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8. Field Recorder

Field recorder accessory for Canon 80D

This might not be something that everyone needs, but people who want quality videos from their Canon D80 without having to invest in a Handycam will find field recorders useful. A field recorder essentially lets you record background audio and sound effects with greater quality when you’re capturing videos. Once you’re done recording, merging the A/V is a very simple post-production process. All in all, it’s a great way to record some quality videos without burning a hole in your pocket.

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9. Premium Software

Once you have all the hardware to capture the perfect shot, you would need a great software to add some finishing touches to it. Moreover, a software will allow you to fiddle with after effects and filters – allowing you to get creative at your own time. Some of the most memorable shots have undergone heavy digital processing. When a great camera meets great software, you get to experience the truest sense of artistic freedom. Adobe has a great range of software that is specially made for photographers. Learning to use such software isn’t a big deal these days too. They are plenty of free tutorials available on the internet.

10. The Camera Bag

When you’ve shopped for loads of add-ons, there’s one more thing that you need to drop into your cart. A camera bag – the most secure and efficient way of carrying around your camera and its accessories. After all, a minor damage to even a single accessory can potentially call off your plans. To make sure that your equipment lasts long, always store them in a quality bag that features lots of padding and storage space.

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One of the most joyous things about being a DSLR photographer is the freedom to create. The ability to be free from all constraints and to bring dreams to life is what fuels photographers around the world every single day. Canon 80D accessories allow you to accomplish just that. Whether you’re new in this part of the town or an old soul, there’s always newer ways to experiment, capture and repeat!


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